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Creamy Garlic Red Pepper Sauce

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Expiring 21 Nov 2021

Country of origin: USA

A blend of spicy red chilies, sweet roasted peppers, and garlic with spices. Try a spoonful and savor the creamy sweetness of roasted red peppers followed by the zip of red chilies. This sauce is moderately spicy so you don’t have to be a hot sauce lover to enjoy it.

Gluten-Free • GMO free • Vegan • No Preservatives • Moderately Spicy

Tasty Serving Suggestions:

Try it on grilled meats, pizza, pasta or soup. Incredibly versatile, creamy hot sauces add zest to pizza, burgers, fajitas and more. Add a whole new dimension to your favorite dishes. Enjoy this marriage of creamy and zesty!