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2x Artisanal Surprise Sourdough

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2 surprise sourdough loaves of the day from an artisanal baker.

- Each sourdough loaf is 300-450g and 18 to 22cm long, and is kept frozen to lengthen its shelf life to months.
- All loaves are vegetarian
- Most loaves are vegan except certain flavours (indicate to us if you'd like vegan)

3-6 months in freezer, less than a week at room temperature.

Toast or heat it when you feel like eating it (wrap in foil at 180 deg, 10-15 min); otherwise store in FREEZER to keep sourdough fresh and preserved as it'll slow down the fermentation process!

An artisanal baker with years of experience in an established bakery has a stream of surplus sourdough bread as the breads are baked daily and there are fluctuations in demand and sales. Instead of throwing it away, they have chosen to supply it anonymously to treatsure for those who would treasure their delicious sourdough loaves to help fight food waste!