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4x Sunny Queen Free Range Eggs 6s

Sale price $13.00 Regular price $26.00

Country of origin: Australia
Expires 5 May 2022

1-for-1 means you'll get 24 pcs for the price of 12!

Our finest quality, fresh Free Range eggs are laid on farms with a maximum outdoor density of 1500 hens per hectare. Each chook has, on average, more space than a ping pong table or king sized bed when they are out in the paddock. That means that they’re Free’er than the National Free Range Standard. At night they sleep in barns where they are safe from other animals and harsh weather.

Sunny Queen Farms Free Range farms are independently audited, so you can feel confident that the hens laying your eggs are well cared for, and only the best quality golden-yolked Free Range eggs make it to your table.