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Creamy Ginger Citrus Sauce

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Expiring 21 Nov 2021

Country of origin: US

Red jalapeños, lime, and ginger combine to make one zesty flavorful hot sauce. Try a spoonful and experience the rich creamy texture followed by a hint of citrus and the zest of garlic and red jalapeños. This sauce is moderately spicy so you don’t have to be a hot sauce lover to enjoy it.

Gluten-Free • GMO free • Vegan • No Preservatives • Moderately Spicy

Tasty Serving Suggestions:
Use it as a cooking sauce for Asian and Latin dishes, on sandwiches (think po’ boy) or on seafood. Incredibly versatile, creamy hot sauces add zest to pizza, burgers, curries, and more. Enjoy this marriage of creamy and zesty!