Litaly Peeled Tomatoes/Pizza Sauce with Garlic & Oregano

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Country of origin: Italy
Long shelf-life 

LITALY Peeled Tomatoes are made using only sun-ripened 100% Italian tomatoes, carefully selected to have a uniform size and a very red color, with no black spots or green parts.
Production process is very quick and very natural: tomatoes are washed with plenty of water, their skin is gently removed using the steam and, then, they are canned as they are, adding some velvety juice, made separately, with a very short and delicate cooking.
Nothing else than tomatoes and tomato juice in each can: no additives or preservatives.

LITALY Peeled Tomatoes are plump and firm, with a bright red colour and a fresh flavor. They are the most natural alternative to the fresh tomatoes.

Country of origin: Italy

Expires beyond 2022

LITALY PIZZA SAUCE with garlic & oregano is made with well- ripen tomatoes and specifically studied to make an authentic Italian style pizza. It has a perfect texture, well spreadable, but thick enough not to wet the dough and perfectly withstand cooking in the oven. No preservatives and no added sugar.