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Sustainable Hiddenfjord Salmon Fillet

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Country of origin: Denmark (Faroe Islands)
Aquaculture Standards Council (ASC)-certified
Each fillet is at 1.4-1.8kg!

- Hiddenfjord is a company devoted to sustainable farming and sustainability is at the core of its policies. They are the world's first salmon farmer to use sea instead of air freight for its shipments, as air cargo freight contributes heavily to carbon footprint.

- Hiddenfjord salmon is raised in pens placed in exposed sites to obtain optimal animal welfare and to prevent seabed pollution. They choose exposed locations to raise the salmon in order to secure the best living conditions for the salmon and the best environmental sustainability.

- They use innovative feeding systems with underwater cameras, sensors and software for detecting feed pellet distribution in the fish pens. Their feeding system has enabled the fish to reach its growth potential and helped to reduce feed waste to an absolute minimum