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treatsure reusable container/cutleries (approved for buffet-in-a-box)

Regular price $5.95

Enjoy a 50-cent rebate on your bill each time you use this approved reusable container when you get a treatsure box (buffet-in-a-box) at our hotel/buffet restaurant partners! 

Participating partners:
Grand Hyatt Singapore (StraitsKitchen)
Fairmont Singapore (Asian Market Cafe)
Furama RiverFront Singapore (The Square)

Comes with a free pair of reusable cutleries.

Dimensions: 19cm (length) x 11.5cm (width) x 6.5cm (depth)
2 compartments for you to separate your buffet food types!

Microwavable, heat-resistant, food safe for use.